Plan to all requirements

Airport transfer service ,
Golf plan and so on

  1. Fill out a form Fill out required items and send it to us, or, call us for inquiries

    Required contents

    • date
    • pick up time
    • pick up place
    • duration
    • itinerary
    • type of car
    • number of cars
    • number of people
    • phone number
    • e-mail address
  2. Reply Make an estimate promptly
  3. Reservation
    By telephone
    When we receive your reservation over a telephone, we would send our reservation confirmation to you by E-mail or by fax.
    By a request form
    Please fill out required items into request form , and send it to us. We would send back our reservation confirmation to you by e-mail.
  4. Payment After receiving the reservation confirmation , please make your payment by bank transfer to our designated bank within 3 days.
    ・Parking fee, highway toll, forwarding fee, hotel fee of drivers, ferry boat fee, overtime rate and so on, if needed, to be paid in cash on the service day.
  5. Final Confirmation On a day prior to service day , we would contact you to confirm your reservation about pick-up time and location
  6. On the day of the service Our driver will come to pick you up at the meeting place.

Regular transfer
and Private charter

  1. Call us Please call us for inquiries, and our staff would explain to you in details over a telephone or visit you.
  2. Meeting We would have a meeting with you for your required contents.
    Please consult us as to the date, place, time and the other requirements.
  3. Estimation We would estimate the cost. If needed,
    we can arrange an interview with the driver
  4. Agreement of contract Our operation would commence after contracting.